Top attractions to explore in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the stunning capital city of Portugal is different than any other European cities you may have visited due to all the cultural influences brought over by different civilizations during the past millennia. I will come back with a more detailed article on my accommodation and the lovely things I enjoyed there. Other options can be found on Booking 😉

Until then, here is a selection of the things you should not miss if you decide to visit the Portuguese capital: Continue reading “Top attractions to explore in Lisbon, Portugal”

Chasing statues in Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia, with a population of just about 500k people and the only national capital that borders two sovereign states. Slovakia may not be on your travel wish list when you go to Europe, but if you are in Vienna, Budapest or taking a cruise on the Danube River it’s definitely worth to make a stop for a day trip – just enough to see all the cool and important landmarks. You can check out my One Day Trip in Bratislava guide here –

Nevertheless, today I want to introduce you to the many quirky human-sized sculptures located all over the Main Square and Old Town area. These bronze statues were added to bring humor and life to the communist-era architecture.
They are eye catching and you will notice lots of people taking photos of and with them. It’s really hard not too, they are everywhere 😉 Continue reading “Chasing statues in Bratislava, Slovakia”

Top 10 romantic things to do in Florence, Italy

Florence is not only beautiful, but also a incredibly romantic city, especially when you are with someone you care about.  Together with your loved one you can enjoy a walk along the Arno river at sunset, enjoying the terrific panoramic views and walking through the most characteristic city neighborhoods such as San Frediano and Santo Spirito. Continue reading “Top 10 romantic things to do in Florence, Italy”

Top 5 tours to choose from in Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and its cultural and financial center is home to many conferences and events that might bring you about. These days creating software and knowing many foreign languages are some of our best qualities, but this is another kind of discussion. Continue reading “Top 5 tours to choose from in Bucharest”

Every road leads to Rome, or so I’ve heard…

Rome has been my first European capital visited abroad and surprisingly I’ve loved it. I say surprisingly because it was unexpected since I grew up wanting to see London, Paris and Barcelona.

Of course, Rome was on the list, somewhere, because I love mythology and I was taught from an early age that the Roman Empire is the cradle of civilization and we, Romanians, inherited from them a lot of history, the language and such. But the truth is that when I immersed in it and walked around for hours in the city center I loved it and I was mesmerized so much that a year later I went back again. Continue reading “Every road leads to Rome, or so I’ve heard…”

Best of Maramures: Sapanta, Romania

As I was writing the story below I realized there is no way I could cover all the things you must see in only one article so I’m starting a series of posts about Maramures to be sure I do it justice.

Romania is a beautiful country with all sorts of natural wonders and places to visit, but if you’re looking to spend several days in a remote, quaint, mountain area you should definitely visit Maramures County – situated in the northern part of Romania, it has a border with Ukraine and it’s accessible by car. There are also several airports around, only 2 hours away – Satu Mare and Baia Mare, for example. Continue reading “Best of Maramures: Sapanta, Romania”

Hello, world!

I’m Julie, an almost 30 years old woman from Bucharest, Romania and this is my world – fun, crazy and hopelessly positive. Probably you don’t know much about this part of the world, but that’s why I am here 😉

I am passionate about travelling, social media and digital technologies and always up to date with everything that happens in this field. And I am lucky to have been born in this time and age when technology is at our feet, information is everywhere and  travelling opportunities around each corner. Continue reading “Hello, world!”