Top 10 romantic things to do in Florence, Italy

Florence is not only beautiful, but also a incredibly romantic city, especially when you are with someone you care about.  Together with your loved one you can enjoy a walk along the Arno river at sunset, enjoying the terrific panoramic views and walking through the most characteristic city neighborhoods such as San Frediano and Santo Spirito. Continue reading “Top 10 romantic things to do in Florence, Italy”

Every road leads to Rome, or so I’ve heard…

Rome has been my first European capital visited abroad and surprisingly I’ve loved it. I say surprisingly because it was unexpected since I grew up wanting to see London, Paris and Barcelona.

Of course, Rome was on the list, somewhere, because I love mythology and I was taught from an early age that the Roman Empire is the cradle of civilization and we, Romanians, inherited from them a lot of history, the language and such. But the truth is that when I immersed in it and walked around for hours in the city center I loved it and I was mesmerized so much that a year later I went back again. Continue reading “Every road leads to Rome, or so I’ve heard…”