Top 5 tours to choose from in Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania and its cultural and financial center is home to many conferences and events that might bring you about. These days creating software and knowing many foreign languages are some of our best qualities, but this is another kind of discussion. Continue reading “Top 5 tours to choose from in Bucharest”

Best of Maramures: Sapanta, Romania

As I was writing the story below I realized there is no way I could cover all the things you must see in only one article so I’m starting a series of posts about Maramures to be sure I do it justice.

Romania is a beautiful country with all sorts of natural wonders and places to visit, but if you’re looking to spend several days in a remote, quaint, mountain area you should definitely visit Maramures County – situated in the northern part of Romania, it has a border with Ukraine and it’s accessible by car. There are also several airports around, only 2 hours away – Satu Mare and Baia Mare, for example. Continue reading “Best of Maramures: Sapanta, Romania”